Get up and running on NetSuite in 90 days or less

Your company is outgrowing its point solutions, and QuickBooks is not adapting to your new complex requirements. You need a scalable ERP for small business that unites all data and core processes so your team can focus on what matters most.

The SuiteAscent + NetSuite SuiteSuccess bundle provides everything you need to support growth and take your business to new heights. With this combination, SuiteCentric can get you running on NetSuite in as few as 90 days.

What does it cost?

With the SuiteAscent + NetSuite SuiteSuccess bundle, you can expect to spend as little as $13,500 for implementation. In some cases, companies spend even less based on go-live requirements. Pricing for SuiteSuccess editions varies based on a host of factors and configuration requirements. To get more information on your base software pricing, get started with our SuiteAscent pricing calculator and talk to our NetSuite consultants today.

At SuiteCentric, we also offer flexible financing options. Let us know if you have questions about pricing and financing.

We can also help you leverage the IRS Section 179 deduction, which can significantly reduce the upfront cost. Read more about that here.

What is the SuiteAscent + NetSuite SuiteSuccess bundle?

SuiteAscent is a fixed-fee proprietary rapid implementation methodology created by SuiteCentric to make it easier for startups and SMBs to leverage NetSuite’s robust cloud ERP. It allows small businesses to compete on an even playing field by having access to the same tools as larger competitors at an affordable price.

More than half of SuiteCentric employees ran their own small businesses before joining the company, and we bring this perspective and insight to each project.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess brings you leading industry practices by providing you with preconfigured dashboards, workflows, KPIs, and reports with real-time data designed to get SMBs and enterprise-level companies up and fast ROI. This ERP for small business delivers NetSuite’s powerful cloud ERP, functionality, and capabilities at a lower price point and faster time-to-value.

SuiteSuccess has 13 different editions that include a mix of starter and industry-specific options.

SuiteAscent Methodology

Our SuiteAscent methodology is predicated on close collaboration, trust, and transparency. It’s also shaped by our experience as small business owners.

We offer a guided implementation that comprises five distinct stages, and customers can go live in as few as 90 days from start to finish. Here is an overview of the stages.

What are the stages?

  • Plan – This consists of calls and conversations to lay the groundwork for planning and execution.
  • Analyze – Our team analyzes the customer’s workflows and processes to understand how the SuiteSuccess package can be architected to fit current and future business needs.
  • Configure & Train – During this stage, our team configures NetSuite and trains customers to properly utilize the platform.
  • Validate – We work with the customer to test and troubleshoot flagged items in preparation for deployment.
  • Deploy & Support – Our team works with the customer on pushing NetSuite live. And we work to ensure the month-end and financial processes properly function.

With SuiteAscent, we are empowering companies to grow on their terms and be competitive in their respective industries. We are excited to help your company get to the next level with NetSuite’s powerful ERP for small business.

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SuiteSuccess Editions

These editions are designed specifically for the needs of SMBs and enterprise-level businesses. SuiteSuccess is more dynamic and powerful than QuickBooks and provides the functionality you need when you need it.

You don’t need to buy everything all at once because SuiteSuccess will scale to support your business at every growth stage.

Predefined roles, industry-specific dashboards and reports, and more are available in each edition.

SuiteSuccess editions include:

  • Financials First Edition
  • Starter Products Edition
  • Starter Services Edition
  • Agency Edition
  • Apparel & Footwear Edition
  • Health & Beauty Edition
  • Food & Beverage Edition
  • Manufacturing Edition
  • Nonprofit Edition
  • Media & Publishing Edition
  • Retail Edition
  • Software Edition
  • Wholesale Distribution Edition

About SuiteCentric

We are an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider with decades of accounting, finance, and industry-specific experience with hundreds of successful NetSuite implementations. Our team has a background as NetSuite customers and consultants, and over half have owned small businesses. Plus, SuiteCentric runs on NetSuite.

We understand the technology and processes required for success as an SMB or enterprise-level company. Our team brings this insight to each project, and we strive to recommend solutions that best serve your needs, not solutions that best serve our bottom line.

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