NetSuite Overview

How does your current ERP compare with NetSuite?

Does your ERP require constant, labor-intensive updates and patches? Can you access your real-time data and KPIs from anywhere in the world? It might be time for a switch to NetSuite’s cloud ERP business management suite.

Quick NetSuite Product Demo

Are you curious about how NetSuite is used in the modern business environment? Watch this short demo for a quick NetSuite overview and see how businesses can manage ERP, Financial Accounting, CRM, ecommerce and more via a single, fully integrated system.

NetSuite CRM Brochure

NetSuite CRM Brochure (PDF)

NetSuite CRM provides a real-time 360-degree view of customers to optimize sales and marketing efforts. It enables businesses to track all customer interactions, and it features traditional and new CRM capabilities that can enhance customer satisfaction. Download this brochure to learn more.

SuiteCommerce Advanced – Single, Unified Solution

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced helps businesses by unifying point-of-sale and ecommerce with core operational systems. It enables cross-channel customer insight, access to real-time inventory across all channels, streamlined order management processes and much more.

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NetSuite Solutions by Role

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Why CEOs trust NetSuite

CEOs are tasked with finding the right mix of people, assets, technologies and infrastructure that deliver value and facilitate growth. NetSuite is the world’s #1 cloud business management suite that helps run accounting/ERP, CRM and ecommerce from a single, fully integrated system. Anytime anywhere access, scalability, easy upgrades and high reliability are several of the many benefits realized by CEOs who invest in NetSuite. Download this brochure for a NetSuite overview and to learn more about this incredible ERP system.

Reduced Costs
Reduces IT costs by 50% or more and cut order-to-cash cycle by over 50%

Global Access
Multi-subsidiary enabled, used in over 160 countries across nearly 200 currencies

Scale for Growth
Deployed by more than 16,000 customers and a consistent uptime exceeding 99.97%

NetSuite for the CFO

Chief Financial Officers are responsible for all strategic financial decisions for their business. Manual entries, siloed data, outdated systems and compliance are just a few things that keep them up at night.

NetSuite’s ERP provides peace of mind for CFOs. It offers out-of-the-box automation capabilities, seamless integrations with other systems, comprehensive views of all core business processes and much more. Watch this video for a brief NetSuite overview for CFOs.

NetSuite for the CIO

CIOs develop, maintain and improve IT infrastructure to support business objectives and secure a competitive advantage for their company. Globalization, rapidly changing technologies and buying behaviors along with a myriad of other developments have shifted today’s business environment.

NetSuite’s innovative cloud-based solutions enable CIOs to confidently tackle day-to-day challenges while providing the runway to strategize for the future. It delivers quick ROI with seamless upgrades, lower maintenance costs, security and more that are trusted by 40,000+ organizations and subsidiaries.

NetSuite for the Controller

Controllers oversee all accounting operations, ensure audit-ability and compliance, and their expertise is used for strategic support, forecasting and setting financial expectations. A changing regulatory environment, manual reporting with unreliable data and lack of visibility into company-wide financials are regular challenges.

NetSuite delivers valuable insight into finance and operations with financials and data that are accurate and trustworthy. It provides real-time global access to financial data and KPIs, automation capabilities, expedites the close process, follows by reporting and compliance requirements, and much more.

NetSuite for the Sales Manager

Sales managers design and implement strategic sales plans that drive revenue and growth. Remaining flexible and maintaining a pulse on the increasingly complex customer demands and market changes are critical to future-proofing their business.

NetSuite CRM is an incredibly powerful tool that provides real-time 360-degree views of customers with a seamless flow of information across all customer touch points. It delivers traditional and new CRM capabilities, it streamlines the lead-to-cash process and much more.

NetSuite for the Operations Manager

Operations managers in the manufacturing industry supervise and oversee daily operations of employees, scheduling, inventory, shipping, fulfillment, warehouse activities, sourcing and more. Data silos and lack of visibility, adjusting to complex regulations and adapting to emerging global competition present a host of challenges for this role.

NetSuite empowers Operations Managers with end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders in the supply chain, it enables global manufacturing intelligence, ensures compliance and provides a complete solution that will grow with their business.

NetSuite for the Support Representative

Customer Support Representatives are the gateway between businesses and customer needs, satisfaction and questions. Highly personalized experiences and quick resolutions are often critical to ensuring customer satisfaction, retention and lowering service costs.

NetSuite is a fully integrated solution for customer support representatives to optimize efficiencies, drive down costs and achieve faster resolutions. It provides customizable dashboards, phone integration, global access and real-time 360-degree visibility to customer data for personalized experiences.

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