Better Agility & Resilience with NetSuite

As a wholesale distributor, you are used to running a business with a low margin for error. You manage a sizable salesforce, and relationships with vendors, manufacturers, and more while handling back-office activities. The NetSuite wholesale distribution solution can help optimize efficiencies in these areas so you can focus on what’s most important—strengthening and growing your business.

Whether you’re dealing with market volatility, emerging disintermediation, compromised supply chains, or any other challenge, you need technology that can help you adapt and overcome.

NetSuite delivers this in bunches with its mature, fully integrated cloud solution.

  • Real-time global inventory and order management
  • Built-in dynamic CRM & Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Robust out-of-the-box functionalities
  • Flexibility to expand product portfolios
  • Freedom to explore new domestic and international markets
  • Create and nurture new sales channels and value-added services
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NetSuite’s Powerful Order, Inventory, and Fulfillment Management

NetSuite’s wholesale distribution solution will enable you to diligently manage everything about your business, and it can be accomplished via a single intuitive platform. Everything from pick, pack & ship to ordering, invoicing, sales, and inventory management are folded into NetSuite.

Receive and process orders from every sales channel imaginable (phone, online, partners, POS, etc.) and seamlessly convert them to cash. Plus, NetSuite’s Advanced Order Management enables complex customizations based on location, service level, availability, and more, so customers always receive the perfect order.

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More than 3,000 hours of industry best practices are baked into this solution, and you’ll reap the benefits. (From wholesalers and distributors in LED and lighting to food and beverage, and everything in between.) Several of which include…

  • 60% to 80% reduction in customer backorders on average
  • Real-time data is shared across your entire business for a single version of the truth (See this customer success story)
  • Quick views of inventory, material handling, lot numbers, supply chain position, and more in just a few clicks
  • 20% to 30% reduction in inventory costs on average
  • Automation of manual tasks for improved accuracy with quotes, billing, revenue recognition, reporting, and more
  • Streamlining of pick, pack, and ship processes with NetSuite Pack Station solution

Proven Financials and Cross-Channel Visibility with NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite originated as accounting software, so revenue recognition, billing and invoicing, reporting, compliance, and everything finance-related is baked into its DNA. Since then, it has strengthened its financial base and expanded its offering to help make your distribution infrastructure disruption-proof.

With NetSuite’s solution for wholesale distributors, you will be able to close your books faster with its built-in automation and 100+ pre-built industry-specific reports and preconfigured roles equipped with dashboards and business intelligence. (Check out these NetSuite datasheets and brochures.)

NetSuite has developed into a total business management system, so you can control and view every aspect of your company. It combines ERP, WMS, CRM, ecommerce, order management, and more into one system. And it can also easily integrate with existing systems. See why companies like yours chose NetSuite.

Some other highlights include:

  • Data is shared across NetSuite products, so you can quickly drill down to the transaction level, view historical data, etc.
  • Customizable dashboards, KPIs, and reports so your unique needs and processes are supported and captured
  • Easily add, edit, or remove product lines, pricing strategies, payment terms, and more
  • Centralized billing and invoicing for companies with multiple subsidiaries and/or multi-country footprints
  • Quickly open and track B2B and B2C web stores to challenge competitors and overcome D2C disintermediation

Download this NetSuite ERP brochure for additional details into the financial capabilities.

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Dynamic CRM, Marketing & Sales for Strategic Growth

Traditional sales channels can no longer function as standalone entities if you want to compete in today’s complex business environment. Modernizing your business with NetSuite’s CRM enables you to embrace new channels, increase sales efficiency, gain actionable business intelligence, and provide the best possible customer experience across all points of contact.

NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of prospects, leads, and customers so your team can maximize opportunities for new sales and recurring revenue. And your marketing team can develop targeted omnichannel campaigns to convert leads into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Out of the box, NetSuite is equipped with Sales Force Automation, marketing automation, ecommerce, customer service, and support, etc. With this dynamic system, your team will be empowered to do the following and more!

  • Quickly view inventory, commitments, supply chain position, and more in just a few clicks
  • Open B2B or B2C online stores
  • Utilize real-time data for pipeline management and revenue forecasting
  • Ensure continuous customer lifecycle engagement
  • Leverage NetSuite’s built-in commission tracking to incentivize your sales team
  • Create new service tiers, loyalty programs, or other service-related differentiators for your company

Why work with SuiteCentric?

Our team has decades of proven experience implementing and customizing NetSuite and other business software for wholesale distributors, retailers, supply chain practitioners, and more. In our past lives, we were NetSuite customers so we can empathize with all perspectives before, during, and after implementations.

At SuiteCentric, we are committed to TransCAREncySM and this means clear and consistent communication, and that we take a fiduciary approach to each project. We strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction and our team always focuses on the customer’s end goals.

Our talented team would love to hear from you, and love to help. Here’s a little more about us.

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