NetSuite customizations can be incredibly powerful, even as many business demands can be accommodated using the out-of-the-box offerings from NetSuite’s ERP, CRM, SuiteCommerce Advanced, and other modules.

The flexibility of NetSuite’s business management suite enables companies to create personalized workflows, embrace automation, integrate with other systems and so much more.

Most importantly, all customizations are carried forward during upgrades to the latest NetSuite version. Our team follows industry-proven best practices to ensure seamless upgrades and unbroken customizations and processes.

Every company is unique, so NetSuite implementations and customizations should be designed to reflect this uniqueness while also helping to maximize efficiency and support scalability.

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NetSuite Customization Services

  • Customized dashboards based on user, role, or business need
  • Custom workflows, RESTlet scripts, and Suitelets
  • Custom fields, portlets, user-developed and scripts workflows, client-side scripts
  • Saved search creation and configuration
  • SuiteCommerce web store design, consultation, and development
  • Creation of scheduled scripts and user event scripts
  • Form customizations for transactions, entries, etc.
  • Integrations with the latest from the SuiteApp store
  • SuiteAnalytics optimization, exposing different views, etc.
  • And many others
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Benefits of Customizations

  • Seamless integration with legacy or third-party applications: Connecting NetSuite with external systems like HubSpot, Shopify, Amazon, Salesforce, and others. 
  • Deeper insights with customized dashboards and reports: Leveraging customizable dashboards, SuiteAnalytics, and powerful reporting tools can offer deeper insights into operational and financial performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Supports new functionality and processes: NetSuite’s modular structure allows companies to start with basic functionalities and add more as it grows. Customizations can be created or modified to support every growth stage. 
  • Embrace automation or AI: Customize newly adopted technologies like AI or business intelligence, SuiteApps, and add-ons to automate repetitive tasks or streamline complex processes. 
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NetSuite Development Technologies We Support (and more)

About SuiteCentric

At SuiteCentric, our NetSuite Development Team and Solutions Consultants have decades of proven experience integrating and creating unique customizations in NetSuite for companies across a wide range of industry verticals.

Our team takes a holistic approach to every project, and we’ve implemented using RESTlet, SOAP, IPAAS, and more, so we are adaptable to nearly every situation.

We follow industry-proven best practices to ensure seamless upgrades with unbroken customizations and processes. And we are fluent in every NetSuite product!

Whether you are trying to customize a form to enforce business rules, create a custom application or data provider, integrate NetSuite with another system, or build a SuiteCommerce website, our NetSuite developers can help!

We also provide NetSuite support services and NetSuite rescue assistance.

Their communication and project management were second to none. SuiteCentric was available at our beck and call throughout the project, and most importantly, during our go-live.

Their openness to our ideas and ability to turn them into reality using NetSuite was another reason this project was successful. There were no disruptions during go-live, which happened in December, a busy time of year for us. It was a seamless process from start to finish.

We could see the pride they take in their work and that they genuinely care about their customers. It was a pleasure working with them.

Alex Geller, Global Operations Manager, Big Agnes

Hello and a big shout out again to Nick who made my day, maybe my year, by fixing my saved search!!!! What a relief! Thank you so much for helping troubleshoot this!!!

Michelle Bondurant, CFO, EEA Companies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): NetSuite Customizations

Can I integrate NetSuite with my existing third-party applications?
Yes, NetSuite offers seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of third-party applications and legacy systems. Examples include Avalara, Klarna, Salesforce, Shopify, and Amazon. Check out our partner page for other trusted companies.

Can I customize reports and dashboards in NetSuite?
Absolutely. NetSuite provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools that allow users to tailor their views and reports to meet specific business requirements. This includes creating reports from scratch, setting custom metrics, or adding specialized calculations.

Is it possible to add new functionalities to NetSuite as my business grows?
Yes, NetSuite enables businesses to start with essential functionalities and add more modules and features as the company grows, ensuring the system scales with your business needs. Need a new module? Are you new to NetSuite and need pricing? Let us know!

How does NetSuite handle customizations during system upgrades?
NetSuite customizations that follow best practices are designed to be compatible with version upgrades, ensuring that custom features continue to work seamlessly as new versions are released.

Can non-technical users customize NetSuite without IT help?
Yes. NetSuite offers user-friendly customization tools, such as SuiteBuilder and SuiteFlow. These enable point-and-click and no-code customizations, empowering business users to make changes without requiring extensive technical knowledge. However, consulting a NetSuite expert as a sounding board for more complex customizations is a good idea.

We understand that not all scenarios are similar and this is why we take a comprehensive approach to each project. Our goal is to understand your requirements and work with you to find sustainable long-term customizations that fit your business needs. Click here to learn more about us.

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