Today’s customers are more powerful and mobile than ever, and their demands for seamless omnichannel experiences have revolutionized the way companies operate. Customers want the same highly personalized experiences across all touchpoints, and they expect to be able to shop from anywhere, receive shipments anywhere, and make payments from anywhere.

NetSuite’s fully-integrated end-to-end solution empowers companies to meet these expectations while remaining flexible enough to adapt to future challenges. It enables companies to manage their entire business from a single cloud system that unifies ecommerce, order management, back office, POS, and more.

Below are a few key benefits of leveraging NetSuite to create powerful omnichannel experiences.

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Eliminate Siloed Systems to Provide Authentic Omnichannel Experiences

For many companies, software solutions are added to satisfy immediate needs, so they end up with a patchwork of disparate systems. Critical information gets stored in separate silos, and this creates inefficiencies, requires manual processes, increases costs, and more.

As a fully-integrated system, NetSuite boasts native integrations with a wide variety of business-critical software that includes ERP, CRM, ecommerce, WMS, HCM, and much more. For retailers, it connects online with in-store experiences for a single source of item, customer, and inventory data. (From LED and lighting to clothing and footwear and everything in between.)

NetSuite also has a large selection of industry-specific software bundles designed with preconfigured dashboards, sample reports, predefined KPIs, etc. that companies can customize to fit their needs.

For companies that are moving to NetSuite ERP, but want to retain a different software like Salesforce or a third-party ecommerce platform, there are premade connectors in the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace. Should a connector not exist, then a NetSuite partner, like SuitCentric, can build customizations that meet their specific needs.

Gain Better Visibility Across Your Entire Business

Visibility is arguably the most important factor for providing truly omnichannel experiences, and it has always been a huge challenge. In fact, 21 percent of supply chain professionals say visibility is their biggest organizational challenge. Not only do companies need visibility across their business, but many need insight into the entire supply chain to keep up with the competition and react to market fluctuations.

NetSuite provides end-to-end real-time visibility of customers, employees, products, processes, partners, and vendors. Companies receive a 360-degree view of all customer touchpoints, teams can confidently track orders, salespeople can spot opportunities to upsell or cross-sell, finance teams can manage invoices, and much more all from one interface.

With NetSuite’s customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities, companies have a more holistic view of their business, and they have the power to drill into specific details about individual transactions or other key data points.

Additionally, NetSuite provides global visibility as its cloud design enables companies to access dashboards, reports, KPIs, and more from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

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Access New Customization Abilities

Creating customizations in business management software and on ecommerce websites is fairly common, but it can be an incredibly tricky undertaking. There is potential for version lock, so customizations are only accessible or functional in the version on which it was developed. Also, an upgrade could break the code, impacting a critical process, or crashing an entire ecommerce website.

NetSuite is flexible and highly customizable, enabling companies to easily translate business requirements into functionalities for best-in-class omnichannel experiences. It is a cloud platform, and the entire system is built on a single source of code for simplified and secure customizations.

NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce Advanced, provides developers with an open code source for pixel-perfect design capabilities, unlimited layout control, and customizations.

All customizations created with NetSuite’s best practices are carried forward during the platform’s bi-annual upgrades. NetSuite users also receive access to a preview environment for testing purposes before the upgrade goes live. Working with a NetSuite Solution Provider, like SuiteCentric, will help ensure all customizations remain functional through any upgrade.

Learn about NetSuite’s most powerful ecommerce tool!

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced PDF, Omnichannel Experiences

Leverage Next-Gen Marketing Tools to Enhance Omnichannel Experiences

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements and marketing messages daily across all of their devices. As a result, breaking through with the right message, at the right time has never been more challenging. The most successful companies deliver highly personalized omnichannel experiences and utilize a wide range of tactics and analytics to help guide prospects through the shopping process.

NetSuite offers robust marketing solutions through its CRM, which provides access to complete, critical customer data in real-time, and is ideal for creating omnichannel experiences. Everyone who engages with customers can view a single version of the truth to limit any potential gaps in service and foster collaboration between teams.

With the ability to track customers across all channels and touchpoints, companies gain a complete picture for target marketing, loyalty purposes, and it can also help determine the true lifetime profit for each customer.

NetSuite CRM also offers comprehensive marketing automation, which helps streamline multi-channel campaign management (email, website, social media, etc.), facilitates improved collaboration between sales and marketing, provides actionable analytics, and much more.

Companies can create, execute, and track highly targeted marketing campaigns through one secure interface that updates all relevant customer data in real-time. Landing pages, forms, SEO, lead reporting, and more are available through NetSuite’s CRM as well.

Receive Real-Time Business Intelligence

Today’s business environment is growing more complex by the day as technology enables connections that weren’t previously possible, and consumer expectations seem to change in real-time. Companies are looking for new data or strategies that reveal trends and opportunities so they can get the jump on the competition.

On top of this, there’s a seemingly endless number of software solutions that promise the world, but rarely deliver anything close.

NetSuite is the answer. It is a fully-integrated solution that connects ERP, CRM, ecommerce, finance, inventory management, and anything else needed to run a modern business. All data is contained in the same cloud interface, so companies receive real-time actionable business intelligence for smarter decision making.

Its easy-to-use reporting tools do not require technical expertise, and NetSuite’s customizable dashboards provide transparency across all business functions. All customer, product, financial, compliance, and relevant data is accessible via NetSuite.

For retailers, real-time visibility into inventory levels means they will be able to better monitor stocked merchandise and track product levels, so sales opportunities aren’t missed.

NetSuite’s business intelligence elevates productivity, deepens customer knowledge, improves customer experiences, enhances data accuracy and compliance, and more.

Embrace Flexible Fulfillment Options to Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

Shoppers hold a majority of the power in the customer-brand relationship, and omnichannel experiences are becoming the new normal. Shoppers expect a range of purchase, fulfillment, and return options that include make-to-order and buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS).

For fulfillment, this changing dynamic has raised the importance of cross-channel inventory visibility, real-time business intelligence, and order flexibility as the same inventory might need to support a mixture of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce, and retail orders.

NetSuite seamlessly integrates order management with ecommerce and financials, enabling companies to deliver omnichannel experiences. As a fully-integrated system, it provides a single version of the truth across all channels for pricing, orders, inventory, payment, and returns processes.

Business intelligence is another vital element as NetSuite comes with exception management, configurable dashboards, and reports required for scaling and monitoring fulfillment operations.

With NetSuite, a wide variety of fulfillment options are possible, including store fulfillment, direct ship from a warehouse, drop-ship, and continuity/subscription programs. Companies are empowered to deliver the perfect order with omnichannel inventory visibility, order lifecycle dashboards and monitoring, and distributed order orchestration.

Additionally, NetSuite’s warehouse management system (WMS) provides the flexibility to work with internal and external fulfillment providers. It includes advanced pick, pack, and ship functionality, and integration with key shipping providers. NetSuite also supports the digital fulfillment process and can be integrated with the customer’s preferred service providers. Let us know if you have questions about NetSuite support services.

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