Streamlined inventory management.
Centralized business operations.

NetSuite’s inventory management solution can help usher in a new era of operational efficiency and transparency across all locations and sales channels.

Its capabilities extend beyond basic tracking, providing businesses with real-time visibility, advanced analytics, and seamless integration capabilities.

Inventory management is a standard feature across most versions of NetSuite’s core ERP, and it is also available in many of the NetSuite SuiteSuccess editions.

Choosing NetSuite can help achieve superior inventory accuracy, cost efficiency, and strategic decision-making, driving your businesses toward new heights of success.

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Inventory Management Features Overview

Below are the main features available in the most common configurations of NetSuite inventory management. Other frequently used add-on modules for inventory and order management use cases include Grid Order Management, Advanced Order Management, and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.

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**Accessing NetSuite Smart Count requires a One-World provisioned account, inventory management, and SCM Mobile. 

How much is NetSuite’s inventory management solution?

NetSuite inventory management pricing depends on employee size and various other factors that can include transaction volume, number of users, integrations, and others.

This pricing calculator will help our NetSuite experts better understand your requirements so we can work with you on a custom NetSuite quote that includes modules and implementation cost estimates. Visit our NetSuite pricing page for additional details.

Benefits of NetSuite’s Inventory Management Solution

Real-Time Inventory Tracking: The Core of NetSuite’s Inventory Management

Embrace NetSuite’s game-changing real-time inventory tracking. You can obtain comprehensive inventory tracking and control with serialized inventory tracking, lot tracking, and bin management. It can also help sync inventory locations.

Live updates allow you to monitor stock levels, order statuses, and shipment tracking. This instant access to critical data ensures accurate forecasting and better decision-making and minimizes the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Advanced Analytics: Turning Data into Decisions

Access detailed insights into inventory trends, sales patterns, and customer preferences in a few clicks within NetSuite. By analyzing this data, companies can make informed decisions about stock levels, identify best-selling products, observe compliance directives, and understand seasonal demand fluctuations.

This can lead to improved inventory turnover and reduced holding costs.

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Man and woman in warehouse checking inventory levels

Seamless Integration to Help Streamline Your Supply Chain

Create a cohesive inventory management ecosystem by seamlessly integrating NetSuite with various supply chain systems, including suppliers, 3PLs and shipping services, and POS systems. This can streamline labor-intensive processes, reduce manual data entry errors, and ensure consistent performance across all platforms.

Our NetSuite integration experts have decades of experience executing integrations, and we also have a diverse roster of trusted partners we can recommend.

Inventory Cost Management: Minimizing Expenses, Maximizing Profit

By tracking costs associated with procurement, storage, and logistics, you can identify areas for cost reduction. You can also create inventory alerts to trigger when there is a pending shortage or overstock to prevent waste or unsold stock. Additionally, inventory barcoding can help reduce manual data entry errors and automate business processes for status reporting.

Inventory Optimization & Automation: Balancing Supply and Demand

Strike the perfect balance between supply and demand. Utilizing NetSuite’s demand planning and forecasting tools, you can accurately predict future inventory needs, avoiding surplus and shortage. Customized alerts and instant access to real-time data across the business support a variety of inventory and accounting strategies and compliance requirements.

Simplify complex inventory tasks using NetSuite’s automation. Automated reorder points, stock level adjustments, and order processing reduce the need for manual intervention, leading to increased accuracy and productivity.

NetSuite Demos and Resources

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NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management Overview

NetSuite Smart Count Overview: Inventory Automation

NetSuite Item and Inventory Management for Retail

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