NetSuite helps power your business

Lighting, LED, and electrical industry-specific solutions like IllumiNET or LightsAmerica lack the robust functionality needed to compete at the highest level. Legacy point solutions aren’t any better.

Upgrading to NetSuite will help your company outshine the competition. It will increase operational efficiencies, provide end-to-end visibility, improve resilience and adaptability, and support you through each growth stage.

What is NetSuite?
NetSuite is a robust cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management software trusted by over 36,000 companies globally. It unites financials and ERP with order and inventory management, WMS and procurement, workforce management, CRM, commerce, and more. All data is updated in real-time and easily accessible via a single intuitive platform.

Whether your company manufactures, installs, purchases, or sells lighting products or equipment, NetSuite has the solution for you.

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“You have truly shown you understand our situation and have provided a solution. SuiteCentric has proven their consultants know and understand business processes and how to implement it into the NetSuite solution.
We would like to retain SuiteCentric to assist us in completing our implementation.”

Dennis Hands, CEO/President, LED Lighting Solutions
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Order, Inventory, and Procurement Management

NetSuite provides unmatched flexibility and practicality throughout the ordering, fulfillment, and procurement processes.

Order accuracy is improved because all NetSuite modules share the same real-time data. You can instantly access updates for orders, inventory availability, procurement activity, and more via a single customizable dashboard. Users can automate manual tasks and report generation, configure alerts, and utilize saved searches to ensure customers always receive the correct.

Inventory management and procurement are streamlined because NetSuite supports multi-location inventory management across warehouses, showrooms, retail locations, and supply chains. It also easily accommodates complex shipping and tracking requirements that could include tracking lead time and shipping dates from different manufacturers or wholesale distributors.

NetSuite Order, Inventory, and Procurement Management Desktop view, NetSuite for LED and Lighting Companies

Its automation capabilities can help avoid stockouts and lost sales through customized alerts and automated reordering and invoicing. NetSuite’s Advanced Order Management module was developed to handle large volumes and complex allocation orchestration requirements.

The Advanced Manufacturing Edition is the most complete solution for companies that require total control over the manufacturing process.

With NetSuite for LED and lighting companies, you can operate more efficiently, cut costs, and better manage requirements from customers and supply chain partners. Highlights include:

  • Helps minimize average of customer backorders
  • Reduced average inventory costs
  • Streamlining the pick, pack, and ship process
  • Automation capabilities for better accuracy with billing, quotes, revenue recognition, forecasting, and more
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End-to-End Visibility and Workforce Management

NetSuite provides instant visibility into all processes and products through a customizable dashboard. Finance, warehouse, ecommerce, and every other department can see the same data simultaneously because ERP, WMS, CRM, commerce, and more are folded into one cloud-based system.

Retailers and wholesalers can quickly see showroom or warehouse inventory, including items that have been returned and need to be resold. This also applies to online product availability and shipping statuses via NetSuite SuiteCommerce or integrated ecommerce systems.

NetSuite’s Supply Chain Control Tower feature provides deeper insights into future requests and supply fluctuations by forecasting inventory and demand across the supply chain.

NetSuite also has powerful drill-down capabilities that provide instant views of critical information (from summary to transaction level), so you can better understand the status of each product and process. Inventory, lot numbers, KPIs, supply chain position, and more are visible in just a few clicks.

Workforce Management Capabilities

It also supports workforce management and easily integrates with field service management software.

The highly customizable dashboards enable you to easily create and edit new roles and permissions for your workforce. Your company can streamline onboarding procedures and have greater agility to oversee and manage people, products, and processes.

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Financials, CRM, and Commerce Connected Seamlessly

NetSuite started as accounting software and grew to incorporate CRM, Sales Force Automation, marketing, omnichannel ecommerce, built-in commission tracking, and more. With NetSuite, you are upgrading from industry-specific point solutions and a patchwork of different systems.

Because everything is integrated, your team does not have to worry about different upgrade cycles, data migration, patches, etc.

Additionally, NetSuite is still flexible enough to integrate with nearly any other system, and we can help your company accomplish this.

We have expertise with SalesForce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Celigo, and many other systems, integration technologies, and connectors. (Ask about our integration experience.)

NetSuite CRM also provides a 360-degree view of customers to help facilitate higher customer satisfaction and supports better close rates for your sales teams. It will help you better understand and anticipate customer needs to create loyal fans of your brand.

With NetSuite for LED and lighting companies, your teams can focus on what they do best. Several benefits include:

  • Quickly view inventory, commitments, supply chain position, and more in just a few clicks
  • Incentivize your sales team with NetSuiteā€™s built-in commission tracking
  • Comprehensive pricing management solutions
  • Build dynamic B2B or B2C online stores with SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Create personalized discounts and customer incentive programs
  • Utilize real-time data for pipeline management and revenue forecasting
  • Ensure continuous customer lifecycle engagement
  • Develop new service tiers, loyalty programs, or other service-related differentiators for your company

About SuiteCentric | Your Trusted Partner

We are an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider with decades of experience as consultants and customers of NetSuite. Our team has delivered hundreds of combined full-scale ERP implementations and integrations.

Additionally, most of our employees have owned small businesses. We have a deep understanding of the technology and the processes required to be successful.

Our team also has dedicated experience within the electrical and lighting industry as NetSuite customers and implementation partners.

Our mission is to deliver scalable, long-term solutions for customers. We provide competitive NetSuite pricing and implement solutions based on industry best practices.

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