With a seemingly endless number of ecommerce solutions available in the marketplace, it can be challenging to find the right option for your company. Scalability, flexibility, seamless integration with other systems, and omnichannel customer experiences are all must-haves to remain competitive.

NetSuite ecommerce solutions check all of these boxes and more for thousands of companies across the world. Its fully integrated design is robust enough for multi-billion dollar conglomerates while also appealing to the needs of enterprises and small businesses.

There are several NetSuite ecommerce options, and this brief guide should help your decision-making process.

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NetSuite ecommerce: Which solution is right for your business?



SuiteCommerceSite Builder
Code-Level Access for
Web Store Personalization
and Customizations
Full AccessLimitedNo
Fully Responsive, Mobile-ready ThemesYesYesVery Limited
Dynamic Search &
Catalog Browsing Capabilities
Very Limited
Customized Checkout FlowYesLimitedNo
Scriptable CartYesYesNo
Micro-sites (multiple sites)YesNoNo
SecurityFull HTTPS supportFull HTTPS supportPatch & Additional

**SCA = SuiteCommerce Advanced
**SC = SuiteCommerce
**SB = Site Builder

Code-Level Access for Web Store Personalization
and Customizations
SCAFull Access
Fully Responsive, Mobile-ready Themes
SBVery Limited
Dynamic Search & Catalog Browsing Capabilities
SCAExpansive Customization Options
SCFair Customization Options
SBVery Limited
Customized Checkout Flow
Scriptable Cart
Micro-sites (multiple sites)
SCAFull HTTPS Support
SCFull HTTPS Support
SBPatch & Additional Development

At SuiteCentric, we understand cookie-cutter approaches to ecommerce are destined for failure, and transparency is critical.

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SuiteCommerce Advanced: A dynamic NetSuite ecommerce solution

SuiteCommerce Advanced is NetSuite’s most robust omnichannel ecommerce solution which provides access to the source code for complete control and fully responsive, pixel-perfect design. Its out-of-the-box features are unmatched as it empowers companies with integrated email, social, web, in-store campaigns, searchandising, and much more. It also natively integrates with NetSuite ERP, CRM, and its complete business management suite and modules.

With manual upgrades, built-in CDN, single-page architecture for fast performance, and seamless integration capabilities, SuiteCommerce Advanced is the perfect ecommerce solution to help take your company to the next level.

  • Access to the source code for pixel-perfect design and unlimited layout control
  • Fully responsive themes optimized for all devices
  • Helps customers quickly find what they are looking for — Elasticsearch, searchandising, fuzzy matching, etc.
  • Faster loading and better performance with Single-page architecture, CDN Edge Caching and auto file minification
  • Advanced marketing features — upsell, cross-sell, faceted navigation, dynamic merchandising, etc.
  • Manual upgrades with security patches already applied


SuiteCommerce is the newest NetSuite ecommerce solution as it was introduced in 2018 during SuiteWorld. It boasts many of the same features as SuiteCommerce Advanced, but it’s more restrictive and paired down.

SuiteCommerce possesses easy usability with drag-and-drop features in the back end, responsive design, SEO capabilities, and more. Companies receive access to the Commerce Extension Framework for pre-built extensions and themes for a wide variety of customization and design options.

The primary differences are the lack of access to the source code, and the version updates being automatic instead of manual. This is still a solid entry-level ecommerce solution.

  • Responsive design enabled for the entire web store
  • Slightly less expensive compared to SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • HTTPS support across the entire site
  • One domain across shopping and check out
  • Similar search features to SuiteCommerce Advanced — Elasticsearch, fuzzy matching, type-ahead recommendations, etc.

Contact us if you have questions about SuiteCommerce.

Site Builder

Site Builder is NetSuite’s most limited ecommerce solution that is actually no longer available to be purchased by new customers and will be phased out over the coming months. It includes everything needed to start selling online, including prebuilt website templates, gateway functionality, shopping cart, and a few other features.

Site Builder was a solid entry-level NetSuite ecommerce solution, and it can easily be upgraded to SuiteCommerce Advanced or SuiteCommerce.

Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the upgrade process, or if you have questions about NetSuite pricing.

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