Customer Success Highlights


  • Executed a fresh implementation of NetSuite SCA Kilimanjaro
  • Created custom scripts for email notifications
  • Customized shipping and sales tax options
  • Extended sub-customer functionality native to NetSuite
  • Created a custom live chat feature
  • Helped integrate a credit managing service for checkout
  • Created a customized quote form


  • Improved visibility across entire business
  • Helped launch B2B ecommerce software after two-year delay
  • Elevated customer service
  • Enhanced shopping options and experience
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Increased productivity
Laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone showing Becker Safety and Supply's SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Store, B2B ecommerce software
Computer desktop with Becker Safety and Supply website on screen, B2B ecommerce software


A fast-growing B2B supplier used NetSuite ERP to support growth

Becker Safety and Supply is a full-service safety supply store based in Northern Colorado. It is a family-owned business that started in 1999 and has grown into a leading provider of fire-resistant clothing, hand tools, gloves, gas monitors, and more for field and service workers, firefighters, public safety agencies, and some construction crews.

After operating out of their home for a decade, owners Randy and Elesa Becker moved in 2012 to a 3,500-square-foot warehouse. They also embraced new technologies (NetSuite ERP, warehouse management software, etc.) to accommodate the needs of their growing business.

Additional growth forced another move into a 12,000-square-foot warehouse, where they now operate with more than 15 full-time employees.


New implementation partner needed to rescue ecommerce web store

The Becker team was leveraging NetSuite ERP, but there was a movement in the industry toward providing B2B ecommerce shopping options. Customers kept asking when this capability would be available and competitors began embracing B2B ecommerce software solutions, so Becker realized it was time to make a move. As an existing NetSuite customer, the ecommerce platform SuiteCommerce Advanced was the natural option due to its native integrations, automation capabilities, and scalability with all NetSuite products.

Unfortunately, Becker’s ecommerce journey started with a rocky foundation in 2016. Its implementation partner lacked attention to detail, resulting in a series of missed deadlines and unmet expectations. After two years, the web store still wasn’t ready to go live, and the project was far from the finish line. This process also consumed a considerable amount of time and budget that could be used for other areas of business.

Becker needed to find a new implementation partner capable of quickly revamping the web store, ensuring all systems were integrated properly, and getting the web store launched for public consumption.

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Computer laptop with Becker Safety and Supply website on screen, NetSuite B2B ecommerce software
Tablet next to iPhone X with Becker Safety and Supply's web store, NetSuite's B2B ecommerce software SuiteCommerce Advanced


Becker selected SuiteCentric to get the job done

Becker selected SuiteCentric, a certified NetSuite partner, shortly after the first conversation with CEO Adam Baruh. Adam diligently went through Becker’s existing web store page-by-page outlining the specific issues and carefully explaining the resolutions. TransCAREncyTM, reliability, and availability were the determining factors that ultimately led to the selection of Adam and the SuiteCentric team.

After viewing the B2B ecommerce software and its current configuration, SuiteCentric determined that executing a fresh implementation of SuiteCommerce Advanced was the best option. During the implementation process, SuiteCentric ensured there was a seamless integration with Becker’s ERP and other systems to minimize possible downtime and potential data loss.

SuiteCentric also created a variety of customizations in Becker’s NetSuite ERP and web store to help to automate manual processes, improve customer service capabilities, and expedite fulfillment activities. These included:

  • Custom sales tax options and shipping methods (such as buy online pick-up in-store)
  • Customized scripts and email templates for automation and better management of customer email notifications
  • Launching a live chat feature for the web store
  • Creating a custom quotation form and a sub-customer credit utilization form, and more.

We really appreciate the clear communication and transparency throughout the entire process of working with SuiteCentric. Adam reviewed every page of our website to fully understand all of the issues that seemed daunting to us. He explained the solution, along with why and how it would work. Adam didn’t sell a solution, he provided us with a solution.

Clint Swain, Systems Administrator, Becker Safety and Supply

Results of Optimal SuiteCommerce Advanced Implementation

  • Improved online visibility
    • Web store allows customers to see what Becker has to offer
    • Web store chat feature creates a dialogue by allowing customers to speak with their sales team, which can lead to up-sale or cross-sale opportunities
  • Improved customer service
    • Customers have real-time visibility into the status of their orders, and they can choose how they want their order handled — website, shipments, in-store pickup
  • Increased shopping options
    • Customers can look for items where and when it’s convenient for them (in-store and online)
    • Customers can see order history, credit history, etc.
      • Larger customers with multiple locations across the state have multi-level ordering options
      • Larger customers can also add employees at different locations, these employees can order supplies under their own account and their managers can monitor that location’s order history
  • Improved order accuracy
    • Long-time customers are thrilled to login and see order history so they don’t have to manually select items every time 
    • Becker is no longer dependent on email orders
  • Increased productivity
    • Automation helps lower overhead — less of a need to hire more people
    • Web store opened up a new sales channel — Becker doesn’t need to have salespeople available 24/7, can just point to the website during off-hours

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