With NetSuite, you have a single source of truth because all your data lives in one system. NetSuite analytics solutions provide real-time data that keeps you in the know 24/7/365 and transforms the data into actionable insights.

Whether it’s a spike in sales or a sudden inventory shortage, you’ll see it as it happens, enabling you to act swiftly and smartly.

Also, its embedded business intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning enable you to forecast what’s next.

In this overview, we will examine NetSuite analytics solutions, which include SuiteAnalytics and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.

NetSuite Analytics - Dashboard example view

What is NetSuite SuiteAnalytics?

SuiteAnalytics is an integrated analytics solution within NetSuite that provides real-time, actionable insights into business performance without needing external tools.

It is included in all NetSuite implementations, including the SuiteSuccess editions.

SuiteAnalytics offers built-in business intelligence across all NetSuite modules, enabling users to create and customize Saved Searches, reports, workbooks, dashboards, and KPIs directly within their NetSuite environment.

It can also connect with third-party systems via SuiteAnalytics Connect.


  • Real-time visibility into business operations.
  • Integrated analytics within NetSuite, no external tools required.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports for diverse business needs.
  • Enhanced decision-making with actionable insights.
  • Streamlined data analysis for operational efficiency.
NetSuite Dashboard with SuiteAnalytics Suitelets

View of dashboards featuring SuiteAnalytics Suitelets.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Workbook View, netsuite analytics

SuiteAnalytics Workbook view.

SuiteAnalytics Features

What is NetSuite Analytics Warehouse?

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) aggregates multiple sources of data with NetSuite data into a single location for analysis and robust visualization. It combines data from diverse platforms, including major ones like Oracle, Salesforce, and Amazon Redshift, ensuring a holistic view of your operations. It is an add-on module for existing NetSuite instances and SuiteSuccess editions.

NSAW implementations generally take around 2-6 weeks.

Powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, NSAW leverages AI and machine learning models to deliver deep insights and accelerate decision-making.

This AI-driven approach helps manage data sources efficiently and interpret findings for actionable outcomes.

You can analyze historical and present-day KPIs and data to create forecasts and reports with greater complexity and accuracy.


  • Advanced data consolidation from multiple sources, including external data.
  • Powerful machine learning for predictive analytics.
  • High scalability for handling large datasets.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence capabilities.
  • Deeper insights with complex data analysis and visualization.
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse - Sample Project View

Sample project view of Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse - Dashboards View

Sample dashboard view of Analytics Warehouse.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Features

Comparison: SuiteAnalytics vs Analytics Warehouse

FeatureNetSuite SuiteAnalyticsNetSuite Analytics Warehouse
ImplementationIt’s already directly integrated with NetSuite and is accessible as part of the standard offering.An add-on module that enhances data processing and analytics capabilities. Implementation generally takes 2-6 weeks.
User InterfaceBuilt-in, user-friendly interface for creating reports, dashboards, and analytics directly within NetSuite.Advanced interface for complex data analysis, leveraging external data integration.
Data HandlingIdeal for operational reporting and analysis within NetSuite data.Designed for handling large datasets and complex analytics, including data from outside NetSuite.
Machine Learning & AIBasic analytics and reporting features without native machine learning capabilities.Includes machine learning and AI capabilities for predictive analytics and deeper insights.
CustomizationHigh level of customization for reports and dashboards using NetSuite data.Greater flexibility in data analysis, including customization of data models and integration pipelines.
CostIncluded in NetSuite out-of-the-box.Add-on module with pricing that depends on memory, users, and sandbox needs.

• Standard (1TB, 10 users)
• Premium (3TB, 50 users, sandbox)
• Enterprise (5TB, 100 users, sandbox)

Let us know if you’d like a customized quote based on your current and future business requirements.

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