NetSuite is the super ingredient you need

The food and beverage ERP from NetSuite has everything you need to run a modern business. ERP, CRM, and ecommerce are expertly paired with inventory and order management, comprehensive supply chain management, and much more. Plus, all data is updated in real-time.

Whether you are involved in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, or anything in between, NetSuite has your company covered from soup to nuts.

NetSuite is fully stocked and ready to help your company get to the next level.

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NetSuite’s Global Order and Inventory Management

NetSuite’s global inventory and order management solution is flexible enough to support and nurture the needs of startups and enterprises. It is also robust and scalable enough to accommodate the requirements of growing multi-million and billion-dollar companies.

This fully baked food and beverage ERP delivers real-time inventory availability and fulfillment status updates, and helps reduce stockouts, and provides actionable drill-down capabilities (from summary to transaction level).

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Several other benefits include:

  • Multi-location inventory management across warehouses, retail locations, and throughout the supply chain
  • Unified order management that eliminates inventory silos and helps avoid stock shortages
  • Seamless customer experiences across all sales and engagement channels
  • Automation of fulfillment and other manual tasks such as transfer and replacement orders
  • Real-time data and comprehensive user management for tiered access and visibility to key supply chain partners

NetSuite also offers an Advanced Order Management solution that provides users with allocation orchestration and more to achieve the perfect order every time.

Financials, Accounting, and Compliance

NetSuite was originally built as a financials-first solution and this, along with accounting and compliance, is the bedrock of its product suite.

It provides real-time visibility into your company’s cost, revenues, margins, and more for complete a financial performance evaluation.

With NetSuite’s food and beverage ERP solution, your team can easily automate billing, invoicing, collections, and other critical tasks to close your books faster and with greater accuracy.

Customers also receive a bevy of reports and reporting tools that are standard out-of-the-box and can improve revenue recognition, fulfillment, and the period-end close process.

Most importantly, NetSuite is a fully integrated cloud solution with all modules sharing the same pool of real-time data. Your team has on-demand access to critical data across your ERP, inventory and order management, CRM, ecommerce, and all other systems. Macro and micro views of your entire company are available in just a few clicks.

Download this NetSuite ERP brochure for additional details on the financial capabilities.

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Food and Beverage ERP with Powerful CRM, Sales and Marketing Capabilities

NetSuite’s food and beverage ERP provides a powerful elixir for changing customer demands and emerging industry trends. Its ingredients include CRM, Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, unified omnichannel commerce, built-in commission tracking, and much more.

With NetSuite, your company receives a 360-degree view of customers, so you can cultivate and nurture large batches of rabid fans. Each touchpoint can be entered and updated in real-time to ensure the right message is delivered the right way, at the right time. You can build intelligent marketing campaigns, data-driven promotions, sales performance reports, etc.

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) is NetSuite’s top-tier ecommerce platform, and it will fulfill all your needs for omnichannel commerce excellence.

Your customers can buy from anywhere with any device, and you can fulfill orders from anywhere. SCA can help…

    • Easily create B2B and B2C web stores using the same account,
    • Instantly update inventory availability
    • Seamlessly maintain a sales channel that’s open 24/7/365

You can also quickly align your sales, marketing, and support teams with NetSuite’s flexible unified platform.

    • Generate loyalty programs or new service tiers
    • Share customer preferences and purchase history
    • Access order and fulfillment details to increase customer satisfaction

NetSuite Food and Beverage Edition

The NetSuite Food and Beverage Edition is a custom solution seasoned with industry-specific best practices and insights from 1,000s of successful implementations. This edition provides pre-configured dashboards, reports, alerts, and industry-specific KPIs that are readymade to help your business grow.

Several of the included reports are bulleted below:

  • Inventory Turnover and GMROII
  • Sales Per Hour and Shrinkage Reports
  • Same-Store Sales and Product Category Reports
  • Sell-Through Ratio Reports
  • Stock to Sales Ratio Reports
  • Weeks of Supply Report and many more!

Download the brochure below for additional information about this powerful pre-packaged solution.

Why SuiteCentric is the best thing since sliced bread.

Our team’s blend of experiences includes decades of implementing and customizing NetSuite and other business management software for a wide range of industries. Before becoming NetSuite sommeliers, most of our team started as NetSuite customers. This is a core ingredient for our company, and it helps us understand all perspectives throughout each stage of implementation.

We are steadfast in our commitment to TransCAREncySM and this necessitates clear and transparent communication throughout each project. TransCAREncy also represents our genuine passion for helping companies like yours get the most out of NetSuite.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. We love helping. That’s the best part of our jobs! Here’s a little about us.

Questions about NetSuite?

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