A Solution Built Specifically for Health & Beauty Companies

The NetSuite Health and Beauty Bundle brochure includes an overview of the specific functionalities that are catered to address the needs of this emerging industry. NetSuite formed a dedicated team to ensure its suite of products feature improved out-of-the-box reporting tools, better dashboards and enhanced capabilities to meet future requirements.

Businesses throughout this industry use NetSuite to better assess product performance across customer types and channels, examine store performance with real-time insights, increase the accuracy of order fulfillment and much more. Health and beauty companies that use NetSuite receive access to the following benefits, among many others.

  • 12+ roles and preconfigured dashboards
  • A sample of 50+ included reports
  • Predefined health and beauty reports, KPIs and metrics
  • 50+ health and beauty specific form fields
NetSuite Health & Beauty Bundle Brochure

Download this informational brochure to learn how NetSuite can improve your business.