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Pricing for NetSuite is influenced by many factors, from product configuration and contract duration to total user count, and more. Every company and implementation are unique, so complete detailed pricing can be challenging to find online. While there can be some uncertainty with exact pricing, these three factors will help justify the investment.

  • NetSuite is the most flexible, business-friendly system on the market.
  • It can be strategically built to run your entire business from anywhere in the world.
  • Its modular design allows you to scale on your terms, and no middleware is required.

Below, you’ll see NetSuite’s newest implementation methodology and three basic NetSuite editions. This platform also provides industry-specific bundles and unlimited customization options that can be developed to meet any business need.

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  • NetSuite SuiteSuccess: It is an implementation methodology in which customers can go-live on NetSuite in less than 100 days using a staged pathway. SuiteSuccess has customized solutions for verticals and sub-verticals organized by market segment — Starter, Emerging, Midmarket, and Corporate. It also has pre-built dashboards, and modules catered to specific verticals.
  • NetSuite Limited Edition: It was created for companies with only one legal entity and 10 or fewer NetSuite users.
  • NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: It was designed for companies with between 51-1,000 employees that require more than 10 NetSuite users.
  • NetSuite Enterprise Edition: It is meant for companies with over 1,001 employees and can accommodate the needs of larger teams with disparate organizational arrangements. Companies with multi-business units, multi-location, and multi-national interests are commonly NetSuite Enterprise Edition customers.

Special Financing & Pricing for NetSuite

At SuiteCentric, our goal is to help customers find and purchase the solution they need, and ultimately, the one they deserve. We are a NetSuite Solution Provider, and our company will help you find a way to afford NetSuite. Our team will negotiate directly with NetSuite to obtain custom pricing.

Our process includes obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your industry, your business requirements and then matching them with NetSuite products. We only recommend solutions that best serve your needs, not solutions that best serve our bottom line.

Complete our NetSuite Pricing Qualification Calculator so we can customize a package that truly satisfies your business requirements.

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