FullClarity + NetSuite: ERP for Construction

FullClarity’s Construction for NetSuite is a robust cloud-based construction management software seamlessly built inside the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite, trusted by more than 36,000 organizations worldwide.

This scalable solution extends NetSuite’s world-class cloud accounting and CRM with automated construction management functionality.

It features leading practice-driven:

  • Job costing software
  • Timeline management
  • Retainage administration
  • Change order management
  • AIA billing-compliant invoices
  • and more

Everything is derived from a single data source of truth that offers real-time access to all users from any device, with 360° visibility to make the best decisions and the tools to eliminate margin erosion.

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Upgrade from legacy products like Timberline and Sage to FullClarity. It’s time to do more and do it faster and more efficiently.

What is FullClarity?

FullClarity was built by real construction professionals who grew up working at their family-run residential construction company in operation since 1968. After implementing NetSuite in 2010, they realized it was a great ERP, but there were still gaps making it challenging for construction.

So, they built FullClarity inside NetSuite to be a comprehensive construction management software. Builders, developers, contractors, and more get robust construction functionality cemented into NetSuite’s total business management solution.

Special features include:

  • Job Costing → Its AIA billing software enables you to generate compliant invoices right out of NetSuite, Schedule of Values, Estimating and Forecasting, Client Proposals, Change Order Management, and more
  • Retainage → Retainage rate management, reports on retainage withheld, retainage info administered on customer invoices, automation of contracted retainage in the claims process, and much more
  • Timeline Management → Gantt chart (available separately), project and resource management, and baseline and timeline reporting
  • Billing Management → Preparation of project billing using milestone or percent complete method, automation of billing preparation and payment receipt for faster processing and greater accuracy
  • Change Orders → Manage and update customer approvals, real-time updates for project budgets and contracts, estimate cost for change orders, etc.

Since FullClarity was built by experienced construction professionals, new functions and features are added regularly to help customers adapt to the evolving needs of this complex industry.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite started as accounting software in the late 90s called NetLedger and has since evolved into the most complete business management software on the market.

Its foundation is built on finance and ERP, but it has natively integrated core business systems such as CRM, ecommerce, HCM, order management, and more.

More than 36,000 companies deploy it in over 217 countries, and everyone uses the same version. NetSuite is a globally available cloud system, and its customers receive bi-annual upgrades that are carefully executed to ensure all customizations and integrations carry over to the latest version.

Most importantly, all data is updated in real-time, and customers can quickly navigate through the intuitive platform for an enterprise-wide view of their entire business.

Whether you are forecasting sales in the next quarter, conducting revenue recognition, or investigating an individual transaction, everything can be accessed in just a few clicks.

NetSuite is also highly flexible and scalable, so it can easily integrate with non-native systems, and it will grow with your company.

Construction Management Software: FullClarity + NetSuite

The combination of FullClarity and NetSuite creates the most powerful construction management solution that has ever existed. All data flows in real-time bi-directionally between FullClairty modules in the native NetSuite modules. Your entire company – every department – will have access to a “single source of truth” because all data is shared within the same system.

Every aspect of your construction business can be managed from the same platform. From sales and contract administration, reporting, job costing, AIA billing, forecasting, and retainage… literally everything but the kitchen sink (but we can probably solve for that).

With FullClarity and NetSuite, you can:

  • Easily scale from 50 homes or projects per year to 200+
  • Obtain real-time control of overruns on purchase orders
  • Quickly access and update data via its AIA billing software
  • Retrieve on-demand, accurate, and detailed progress status reports of all projects
  • Free your team from time-consuming manual data entry into multiple systems (no more data silos!)
  • Access a single view of your entire business or multi-company enterprise
  • Attain better estimating and purchasing with its job costing software equipped with real-time updates of supplier pricing
  • Eliminate costly manual errors with automation and customizable workflows

Go with FullClarity and NetSuite. It’s time to upgrade from legacy solutions like Timberline, Sage, and Intacct.

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About SuiteCentric | Your ERP for Construction Implementation Partner

Due to our extensive experience in the construction industry and with FullClarity, we believe these tools will create the right solution for you.

Our team has decades of experience supporting companies in the construction industry by architecting and building technology solutions that enable frontline teams to do what they do best.

We implemented Timberline and AccPac before these became Sage, PeachTree before that, and many other systems used by construction professionals. Several folks on our team worked at Sage or were Sage implementation consultants for over 15 years.

We know that NetSuite and FullClarity are the most capable combination on the market because we’ve used everything else.

At SuiteCentric, we are committed to finding and implementing the right solution for our customers, not the most profitable solution for us. We strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction and are transparent throughout every step of the process.

Let us help you build a scalable solution to take your company to the next level.

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