Differentiators in business are harder and harder to come by nowadays as we are constantly inundated with information from all angles and across all devices. In the world of NetSuite consultants, we believe TransCAREncy is the differentiator for our company.

What is TransCAREncy?

This is a word we had trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office because it represents our overall philosophy as a company. It is a simple word, but it is symbolic of how we manage relationships with customers, partners, prospects, and contacts alike. SuiteCentric strives for complete transparency in all communications and interactions while harboring a genuine interest in helping businesses and people reach their goals. We are transparent, we care, and our team seeks to provide the best possible service and experience for all.

What is the story behind TransCAREncy?

Our team has decades of experience as NetSuite end users in addition to working as consultants, so we’ve seen projects that were good, bad and ugly!

We worked on projects when a lack of communication from the consulting team caused delays or the quality of their work signaled a lack of effort or aptitude. Benchmark reports with blank memo lines, disorganized check-in calls and hastily compiled code are just a few scenarios that we’ve witnessed.

The most successful projects and the most rewarding relationships are the result of transparent communications and having “buy-in” from all involved parties. These are the foundations upon which TransCAREncy is based, and they are reflected in our approach.

At SuiteCentric, we want to ensure that customers feel secure in their investment and they can leverage NetSuite to the fullest extent possible for their specific needs. Whether it’s a new full ERP implementation, a project rescue, a SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) customization or anything in between, we understand the overall costs and potential challenges. Our experience as NetSuite end users provides us with a unique perspective that we utilize to develop scalable long-term solutions for customers.

TransCAREncy helps to build trust and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

Benefits of Being a SuiteCentric Customer

  • Direct communication with our Development & ERP Teams: Slack, Jira, Bitbucket, email, phone and others coming soon
  • Proactive communications: Onboarding Welcome kit, weekly status emails with key reporting info and more
  • Encouraged Customer Feedback: Opt-in/out drip surveys and questionnaires throughout each project lifecycle

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