NetSuite Site Builder was an excellent tool for you in the beginning, but your needs are starting to outgrow its capabilities. Maybe you have more customers accessing your web store from mobile devices, or your sales and marketing abilities feel limited, or you are having trouble implementing new features and functionalities that could give you an edge over competitors. If you are using Site Builder, then it’s likely that at least one of these scenarios rings true and you should consider upgrading to SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Superior Design and Customization Capabilities

Site Builder offers decent “starter-level” design options as merchants are provided with server-side, theme-based templates for each portion of a page. Unfortunately, only my account and checkout are responsive out of the box, whereas the rest of the web store is limited to desktop experiences. There is a create-your-own template option so merchants who want a fully responsive web store are required to execute this process or they can work with a third party. Mobile ecommerce or “Mcommerce” sales are expected to reach nearly $204 billion in 2019, accounting for a third of total ecommerce sales, so fully responsive web stores are imperative to future success.

SuiteCommerce Advanced comes fully responsive out of the box and provides merchants with complete access to the code, enabling pixel-perfect design capabilities along with unlimited layout control. Web stores automatically rescale and resize when accessed from any device as it has become critical for businesses to be available for customer needs whenever, wherever. Moreover, full access to the code enables merchants to modify core application services and script libraries, build customizations, integrate with other systems, and much more.

Better UX and Selling Opportunities

Good design can get prospects ‘through the door,’ but customer experience along with sales and marketing capabilities help convert them into customers. Site Builder web stores are pretty limited out of the box in this area too and require add-on modules for seemly standard browsing options that can enrich customer experiences while also helping to generate more sales.

Basic keyword search is provided, but the catalog and product browsing come up short. For catalog browsing, there is no content personalization, faceted navigation, or dynamic merchandising. When customers browse products, the following functions require add-on modules: Quick view, ratings and reviews, recently viewed items, previous and next items, image zoom, and multiple alternative images. Social sharing is another feature not available without an add-on.

SuiteCommerce Advanced once again proves its value with robust out-of-the-box options that are intended to assist with these three key activities: Helping customers quickly find what they are looking for, maximizing sales opportunities, and facilitating customer retention. It has elasticsearch, fuzzy matching, type ahead recommendations and search criteria customization options. SuiteCommerce Advanced boasts faceted navigation, and dynamic merchandising abilities that leverage related and correlated items to enable upsell, cross-sell and related products based on heuristic data.

Additionally, merchants can create rules based on location, items in cart, browsing behavior, best sellers, or higher margins to enhance the customer experience while influencing the selling process. For merchants with international customers, SuiteCommerce Advanced also enables language and country-specific URLs via subdomain.

Improved Speed, Performance and Security

Speed, performance, and security are critical elements to maintaining a successful ecommerce web store as customers have thousands of online shopping options available instantaneously. According to Akamai, every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by up to seven percent. Site Builder has a server-side architecture and separate domains for shopping and checkout. With this architecture, it can take longer for pages to load and could potentially test the patience of your prospective customer. Also, only the checkout has HTTPS support while the rest of Site Builder web stores are less protected out of the box.

SuiteCommerce Advanced has Single Page Application architecture that utilizes CDN Edge Caching and auto file minification for enhanced web store speed. It also uses one domain across shopping and checkout, so customers aren’t forced to bounce back and forth compared to Site Builder web stores. Lastly, the entire web store receives HTTPS support so customers can have peace of mind when sharing banking information and other data.

For more information on SuiteCommerce Advanced, you can download this informational brochure.

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