The latest edition of the SuiteCentric Partner Spotlight Series features Dave Vieregg, Senior Vice President of Sales and Partners at Versapay. Dave was generous enough to answer five questions that provide insight into his professional interests, how Versapay works within the NetSuite ecosystem, his reading recommendations, and much more.

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What is one of your favorite things about working in your industry?

I have been working with partners for a long time and it is what I love to do. From account management to strategic programs, to client engagement and support, I believe in the power of building strong partnerships. Technology and software help customers become more efficient and effective at what they do, and partners build the solutions as the trusted advisor for their clients. At Versapay, we help customers get paid (who doesn’t like to get paid?) and we boost customer experience while doing it! Solving the many pain points and challenges customers and partners have in the Accounts Receivable process is very rewarding.

How does your company work with or within the NetSuite ecosystem?

Solupay for NetSuite SuitePayments is a powerful payment solution available in NetSuite’s SuiteApp Marketplace. It directly integrates with NetSuite and provides a secure way for companies to accept credit and debit card payments in the US and Canada. This direct integration with NetSuite helps to streamline the payment process, lower costs, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

In addition to standard payment methods, Solupay offers a host of Alternative Payment methods that have become popular in the last decade. Several of which include Apple Pay, PayPal, ACH, ETF, and EMV. The company also provides 3D Secure Advanced to assist with fraudulent chargebacks, and it is a PCI-compliant solution that offers $100k breach insurance.

With the combination of the NetSuite ecommerce platform and Solupay, companies are empowered to deliver customized shopping experiences with a variety of payment options. So customers can shop and pay on their terms.

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What are 1-2 things you do every day that has helped get you to where you are in your career?

1.) I am an incredibly positive and optimistic person, and I try to bring that attitude every day in my interactions with teammates, customers, and partners.

2.) I make it a priority to respond quickly to inquiries, via chat, slack, email. When I do respond, I am candid and transparent in my interactions.

What book are you reading now and why did you choose it? OR what is the last book you read and why did you choose it?

I am listening to an audiobook – Undaunted Courage by Steven Ambrose. He is a very talented and interesting author. I like to mix my fiction and nonfiction. This book is an amazing tale of Lewis and Clark, I am learning a lot about what they went through. And to think that it was only 200 years ago…incredible on so many levels, how much has changed and where are now… I can’t imagine what the next 200 years will look like…

Have you developed any new hobbies or skills over the past year? (Like baking bread or doing weekly Peloton classes.)

Over quarantine, I was recovering from back surgery. In my recovery, I picked up rollerblading (again) to prep myself for a ski trip and I engaged with a personal trainer. It was all very humbling but ultimately satisfying in that I made it to Jackson Hole, a mountain I haven’t skied before, and the added benefit: I am getting in shape again.

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About Dave Vieregg, SVP of Channel Sales & Partners

During his 20+ years in leadership and management, Dave has consistently over-delivered in sales, marketing, and P&L ownership. Builder of sales teams. Leader of sales channels. Known to innovate and be creative. On the weekends you can find Dave on the water, the grass, or snow. He is a competitive sailor, loves to golf and ski. And he shares these passions with his family, wife, and 2 girls.