Our latest installment of the SuiteCentric Partner Spotlight series features David Singleton, senior partner manager at SquareWorks Consulting. David answers questions about his professional interests, advice he’d offer to his younger self, and a new hobby he developed over the past year.

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What is SquareWorks Consulting?

SquareWorks Consulting is a NetSuite partner focused on elevating its customers’ experiences with exceptional automation solutions and consulting services. Our products include Automate, a NetSuite-native financial automation platform that enhances and takes NetSuite to the next level.

What is one of your favorite things about working in your industry?

We help companies across the world with minimizing manual entry for NetSuite. NetSuite loves us and so many NetSuite partners do as well.

How does Automate’s AP Automation Suite from SquareWorks help NetSuite customers?

My favorite things about what we do are helping NetSuite customers improve the AP process with less manual entry and attaching invoices to the records. Our solution streamlines approval workflows by allowing people without a NetSuite license to approve and manage as needed.

Also, with our solution, vendors can send information to populate vendor records with audit trails, making life easier for the AP team.

Furthermore, the 3-Way Match is real-time instead of a report at the end of the day, and it lets companies have multiple invoices against a single PO.

What are 1-2 things you do every day that has helped get you to where you are in your career?

The one thing that has worked greatly is being hyper-responsive. Responding quickly moves things forward faster.

What is 1 piece of advice you would give your younger self on the first day of your first job?

Separating work from family life is very important. Concentrating on work while at work and not being distracted by personal life and social media is key.

It will help you succeed at work, and then when leaving work, leave it behind to concentrate on your personal life with family and friends.

It helps you unwind and energize every day and will help you grow. As we wear many hats in life, it is important to continue to grow in each part to grow as a person and professionally.

Have you developed any new hobbies or skills over the past year? (Like baking bread or doing weekly Peloton classes.)

Living in the Northeast, we have seasonal weather, and although I love cooking outside on the grill, that is not always possible. To help have great tasting food, we purchased an Air Fryer to have great meals in the dead of winter but found it is also faster cooking with lower costs for food.

The moist chicken and pork, as well as an easy way to bake at multiple temps simultaneously, is fantastic, and we can eat as healthy as we do on the grill when the weather doesn’t agree.

David Singleton, SquareWorks Consulting

About David Singleton, Senior Channel Partner Manager

David is an experienced manager of sales & marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the computer hardware and software industries. He is skilled in sales, partner management, customer relationship management (CRM), go-to-market strategy, and professional services. He also speaks multiple languages.