Our latest SuiteCentric Partner Spotlight features Simon Miles, founder and CTO of Solution 7. Simon answers questions about his company and industry, provides career advice to his younger self, and discusses his newest hobby.

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How does NetSuite financial reporting in Excel help NetSuite customers?

Extending the world’s leading cloud-based financial management solution, Oracle NetSuite, Solution 7 software provides finance teams with the ability to build, tailor, share and collaborate on custom reports within Microsoft Excel without needing to rely on complex and expensive software or internal technical colleagues.

What is one of your favorite things about working in your industry?

The best part for me is getting to work across a variety of industries. Our software isn’t limited to just one area, meaning we get to work with different businesses across the world each day. And, since we are in the NetSuite ecosystem, they are often fast-growing which you are involved in by giving them access to reporting in a way that suits them.

What are 1-2 things you do every day that has helped get you to where you are in your career?

I have always been a strategic thinker and problem solver. I try to use this to my advantage, from brainstorming ways to improve Solution 7 to creating new features or functionalities that allow the company to grow and remain competitive in the market. Trying to keep ahead of user needs or the constantly changing environment is a never-ending challenge!

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self on the first day of your first job?

Move to Silicon Valley!

Do exactly what you are thinking of doing. I was someone who knew quickly that working for another company wasn’t right for me but was hesitant to take my own path. While it was only two years later, that time would have been better spent doing what I love.

Have you developed any new hobbies or skills over the past year?

As a Reading FC (yes – who are they?) fan and season ticket holder, I appear to have developed the unenviable skill of watching games and making the team play worse. It’s a tough gig following English soccer.

Simon Miles - Founder and CTO - Solution 7 - Circle

About Simon Miles, Founder & CTO

Simon Miles is the founder and CTO of Solution 7, with experience as a software developer and a financial reporting consultant. He has worked in the technology space since the early 90s. Simon lives in Oxfordshire, England and is a keen fan of both cricket and soccer.