A NetSuite support partner is similar to an auto mechanic. Plenty can rotate your tires and change the oil, but not all of them will be able to recognize an underlying issue, or they might break/loosen something along the way.

The bottom line is that when you find someone who knows your vehicle and is trustworthy, you stay with them. We have a unique perspective because our team has decades of experience as NetSuite customers and consultants.

This blog reviews the six most common complaints we’ve heard and experienced that lead NetSuite customers to seek a second opinion or switch to a different NetSuite support provider. Learn about our support options.

Lack of Responsiveness

One of the most frequent complaints is the lack of timely responses from their NetSuite support partner. Customers expect prompt attention and assistance when they have issues or technical questions. Slow response times can significantly impact business operations and hinder decision-making processes. And it can start to erode trust.

Inadequate Expertise

NetSuite’s robust functionality requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to leverage its full potential. It also has industry-specific bundles, functionalities, and connectors that add new complexities to each implementation. Customers frequently find some partners lack the expertise to address complex issues or provide guidance on industry best practices.

This knowledge gap can impede a customer’s growth potential and restrict the ability to optimize their NetSuite investment.

Another challenge under this theme is with customers reaching knowledgeable support representatives or experiencing multiple transfers to different agents. Some NetSuite partners may transfer customers multiple times or struggle to connect them with the right expert.

This can cause frustration and delays in issue resolution.

Frustrated woman biting pencil while sitting in front of computer, netsuite support partner

Poor Communication

Effective communication is vital in any partnership, especially with implementation partners. NetSuite customers have voiced concerns about partners who fail to provide clear and timely updates regarding project timelines or deliverables. This lack of transparency can create uncertainty and negatively impact the project and overall customer experience. (We practice TransCAREncySM.)

Insufficient Training and Guidance

To fully leverage NetSuite’s capabilities, customers need proper training and guidance. Unfortunately, some NetSuite partners do not provide comprehensive training resources or fail to customize training to the customer’s specific business needs. Every implementation is different, so details and specificity are critical. A lack of guidance hinders the ability of customers to maximize their NetSuite investment. This is critical for small businesses and a good opportunity to consider SuiteSuccess.

Ineffective Issue Resolution

It is common to uncover inefficient processes or underlying issues during NetSuite projects. A NetSuite support partner can even ‘break things’ in a customer’s instance while working on a project.

However it happens, customers expect their NetSuite partners to address and resolve these issues effectively and efficiently. Support partners may offer temporary workarounds while architecting a long-term solution.

When ONLY workarounds are presented, and there are ZERO long-term solutions, red flags should go up because it’s time to seek a second opinion from a different NetSuite support partner.

Cost and Unexpected Fees

Lastly, the cost-effectiveness of NetSuite support services is a significant concern for customers. They have already made a substantial investment in NetSuite, and it still isn’t working optimally, so costs will likely be top of mind.

Unexpected support services fees can further strain budgets and make customers question the value they receive in return.

Part of a NetSuite support partner’s responsibility is to validate the customer’s decision to purchase NetSuite. Another responsibility is to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and NetSuite can help get them there. These can be accomplished with pricing transparency and access to flexible financing options.

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NetSuite customers seek support providers who can address their concerns and provide reliable, responsive, and cost-effective services. By acknowledging these common complaints and working towards resolving them, NetSuite partners can strengthen their relationships with customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

At our award-winning NetSuite solution provider, we prioritize responsiveness, expertise, effective communication, issue resolution, comprehensive training, and transparent pricing to ensure that our customers receive the exceptional support they deserve. Learn more about us.

Remember, each customer’s experience is unique, and finding the right NetSuite support partner requires careful consideration of specific business needs and priorities.

Let us know if we can help you get the most out of your NetSuite instance.