Quickbooks and Excel are temporarily sufficient but will never be able to truly support a company through rapid growth. And these products lack the versatility required to properly navigate times of business uncertainty or market volatility.

Our NetSuite SuiteSuccess + SuiteAscent bundle is the answer. It combines a proven implementation methodology with a carefully designed ERP by NetSuite that can handle business requirements through any growth stage. And best of all, your company could run on NetSuite SuiteSuccess in 90 days or less.

Here are 5 reasons small businesses like yours upgrade to the NetSuite SuiteSuccess and SuiteAscent bundle.

Better Scalability with SuiteSuccess + SuiteAscent

As your business grows, your accounting needs become more complex. You also might be managing a handful (or more) of software tools that require separate middleware and/or have different licensing/maintenance requirements.

Switching to NetSuite will help consolidate software, resources, and budget. You’ll be able to rid yourself of point solutions and disconnected software because NetSuite is a fully-integrated system that unifies front and back-office systems. ERP, CRM, commerce, WMS, inventory management, and more are united. And all modules share the same real-time data.

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Adding and removing different modules as your company grows is streamlined because everything is under the same roof. This means less middleware and maintenance, fewer upgrade cycles to monitor, less risk of data leakage, etc.

And NetSuite can integrate with any software your company thinks it cannot live without.

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Better Automation with NetSuite SuiteSuccess + SuiteAscent

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Automation helps reduce errors, saves time, improves cash flow, and more so your team can focus on what they do best. SuiteSuccess comprises 13 editions designed with automated financial management and industry-specific capabilities for better, data-driven decision-making. Learn about the editions.

Each edition includes predefined roles, industry-specific reports, dashboards, etc., for streamlining essential processes and supporting growth.

Enhanced Security

Security is crucial for any business, and upgrading to newer software can provide better protection against potential cyber threats, data breaches, or other security risks. All 36,000 NetSuite customers in over 217 countries and territories run on the same version. And it has 99.96% uptime.

Each customer receives the same bi-annual upgrades, including security updates and new critical functionality based on user feedback and industry trends.

Cloud ERP can be infinitely more secure than on-premise alternatives. Click here to learn the differences between Cloud ERP and on-premise.

Improved Collaboration

Because all critical systems are unified in NetSuite, this can enable better collaboration and communication between team members, departments, and external stakeholders. NetSuite provides end-to-end visibility and on-demand access from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, the data is updated in real-time so everyone can view the latest and greatest KPIs, reports, forecasts, and more down to the individual transaction level.

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The data is updated in real-time, so global real-time collaboration is possible. Everyone can view the latest and greatest KPIs, reports, forecasts, and more from a macro and micro perspective. This results in faster decision-making and more efficient communication across teams.

NetSuite also provides comprehensive permission management and customizable dashboards, so teams can access the most relevant information to maximize performance and efficiency. With the NetSuite SuiteSuccess + SuiteAscent, companywide collaboration is streamlined.

Access to Better Reporting with SuiteSuccess

SuiteSuccess editions include over 95 reports and KPIs to help companies like yours make the right decisions at the right time. All 13 editions have specific reports tailored to the needs of individual industries, business needs, and more.

Leveraging a full-integrated system like NetSuite also enables your company to generate comprehensive reports that encompass every aspect of your business. (Unlike QuickBooks.)

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This means less manual data entry and greater accuracy because you can stay within the same system, and many reports are customizable to your specific needs.

Most NetSuite customers report faster month-end close processes, better forecasting, fewer manual errors, and more significant reporting efficiency.

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