The primary function of business is to provide goods and/or services to your customers in exchange for payment, whether that be in the form of cash, check, debit or credit card. However, as 2020 has taught us, actually being able to accept payments from your customers is not always feasible. External factors like COVID-19 severely impact the environments we work and live in and, as we’ve seen across many industries, can even halt entire business operations. To that end, making it easy for your customers to pay you has never been so important.

NetSuite integrated payments can deliver faster cashflow. Reducing manual processes to send invoices, and offering multiple payment options to the customer to pay the invoices quickly, will benefit both you and your clients. With our ever-changing and albeit fragile global economy, these capabilities are essential to the continuity and longevity of businesses today.

“Frictionless checkout” is a common term in ecommerce. It means asking your customers for as much information necessary to protect against fraud, without bombarding them with an onslaught of questions that would lead them to abandon their cart. When presented with paying an invoice online, the same holds true. Your customers want one-step, click-to-pay functionality that lets them pay quickly and according to how they want to pay (i.e., debit, credit card, ACH, etc.) while feeling secure in the process. Integrating a payment solution into your NetSuite environment is key to this capability.

SuiteCentric clients have access to a variety of resources aimed at helping your business gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. Solupay for NetSuite SuitePayments is one such solution available that, through our NetSuite integrated payments solution, will empower your customers by making it easy for them to pay you and get you paid faster.

How Does it Work?

Solupay’s direct integration with NetSuite delivers a simple and secure way for businesses to accept debit and credit card payments, all while fully working to lower your payment acceptance costs by 20-35% through Interchange Optimization. This eliminates many of the manual processes within NetSuite in the invoicing and collections process, getting you paid faster and more efficiently. Harnessing the power of automation technology, you can give your customers simple, frictionless click-to-pay options, flexible payment terms, and different methods of payment so that they pay you in the way that works for them.

Solupay’s eInvoice-2-Cash and eStatement-2-Cash offerings for NetSuite allow you to email invoices or statements directly to your customers for review and payment. eInvoice-2-Cash streamlines the invoicing process, enabling your business to get paid faster with increased accuracy. The NetSuite integrated payments solution instantly records invoice payments received once they have been approved. Your finance team will feel empowered with having less manual work to do upon receiving payment, allowing them to turn their attention to more meaningful work.

With eStatement-2-Cash, automated collections tools serve as a friendly reminder by alerting your customers of outstanding invoices. This eliminates time and money spent by your team sending manual notifications of overdue payments, and therefore, simultaneously preserves your customer-supplier relationships in the process. Give your customers the ability to choose not only how they want to pay, but also what they want to pay, with built-in functionality that allows your customers to choose to pay either all of their invoices at once, or just a select bunch at a time.

SuiteCentric is continually working with clients to find new and better ways to optimize business operations. NetSuite integrated payments such as the Solupay solution deliver a simple and secure way for your business to accept payments from your customers. Now more than ever, it’s especially important to be flexible with your customers and make it easy for them to pay you how they want, when they, and according to terms that works for them.

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About Guest Post Author from Solupay

Solupay-Jayme-Moss, NetSuite Integrated Payments

Jayme Moss, Executive Vice President of Payments and Operations

Jayme Moss is the Executive Vice President of Payments and Operations for Solupay. One of the founding partners of Solupay in 2004, Jayme is instrumental in sales, strategy, and development of the Solupay for NetSuite SuitePayments solution. To celebrate International Women’s Day earlier this year, Jayme was featured in BlueSnap’s “Inspiring Words for Women in Fintech,” and has repeatedly been called on as an executive panelist and speaker for ERP Integrated Payments. Find Jayme on LinkedIn, and follow Solupay on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.