NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) is a robust warehousing solution for companies that need to analyze and process historical data inside and outside of NetSuite. It is a step above SuiteAnalytics Workbook because NSAW consolidates multiple third-party data sources (Google Analytics, Shopify, Snowflake, etc.) and blends with NetSuite data instead of relying on data within NetSuite and external databases.

This blog will review five ways NetSuite Analytics Warehouse can revolutionize your business.

Comprehensive Data Integration and Management

This is the most significant benefit because it creates a unified analytics solution. NSAW provides managed data warehousing with built-in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities, enabling more complex data integration, transformation, and management processes across diverse data sources.

NSAW also leverages Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which is optimized for large analytic workloads such as data warehouses, data lakes, lakehouses, and data marts.

Data migration costs are significantly reduced because NSAW has more than 40 connections to well-known data sources. This includes Amazon, BigQuery, Google Drive, MySQL, Salesforce, and many others.

NSAW brings all data into a single location for comprehensive analysis, trend identification, and more. Say goodbye to Excel and cumbersome business intelligence tools.

Advanced Analytics and AI

Analytics Warehouse has built-in machine learning and AI capabilities for deeper insights and forecasting. It helps eliminate the guesswork and human error by delivering a mixture of standard and unique AI capabilities.

The standard offering includes pattern recognition, predictive models, auto-forecasting, cluster analysis, and outlier detection. New capabilities and functionalities are added during NetSuite’s bi-annual version upgrades.

NSAW can be customized to suit your business requirements and experienced NetSuite consultants can be great resources for this process.

With this module, you will be better equipped to centralize, organize, and analyze vast amounts of data from disparate systems.

The result?

Lower operational expenses, greater data accuracy, more efficient processes and workflows, and more.

Prebuilt KPIs, Decks, Cards, etc. AND Connections to Data Sources

Like most NetSuite products, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is fully equipped out-of-the-box, similar to an industrial-sized Swiss Army knife.

It has prebuilt dashboards with over 50 chart and graph types for analytic visualizations, and you can quickly personalize dashboards or create ad-hoc items (decks, cards, annotations, etc.). These prebuilt and customizable options help ensure timely and accurate business intelligence for faster decision-making.

Additionally, NetSuite simplified the data migration process by providing 40+ prebuilt connections to various data sources. The prebuilt connections include Amazon EMR and Redshift, BigQuery, Dropbox, Google Analytics and Drive, Informix, MySQL, Shopify, Salesforce, and many others.

This increases the time-to-value and will help lower the barrier to entry for many companies.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Provides Self-Service Analytics

NSAW provides user-friendly tools for data exploration, visualization, and analysis while reducing dependency on IT resources. At its core, it was created to encourage data-driven decision-making across all levels of an organization.

Automatic chart narration, drag-and-drop report building, dynamic visualizations, and self-serve reporting capabilities streamline access to data, making it easier for everyone to build, run, and access reports and analytics.

Working with a NetSuite consultant can help unlock other self-service capabilities that could benefit your organization. Our team will match the functionality with the business requirements and needs. Let us know if you need a NetSuite needs assessment.

Scalability with Security

One of the biggest challenges in large-scale data management is balancing growth with performance and security. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, enabling it to manage and process large datasets efficiently and securely without sacrificing performance.

This module provides top-notch security, including transparent data encryption, SOC1 and SOC2 compliance, access/view permission management, and more.

NetSuite’s 36k+ customers are also running on the same version, and everyone receives bi-annual upgrades to accommodate changing security and data governance requirements.

NSAW is a secure cloud environment that companies like yours can trust.

What’s Next

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse stands out as a powerful solution that addresses today’s data challenges and paves the way for innovation and growth. It’s the most potent NetSuite analytics solution.

Whether you need to access new insights, streamline your data management process, or empower your team with self-service analytics, NSAW offers the tools and capabilities to transform your data into a strategic advantage.