You have invested, or are planning to, in Oracle NetSuite to better manage your growing business. Your staff can finally focus on what they do best as Oracle NetSuite streamlines your operations. There is nothing stopping your order-to-cash process from flowing hands-free. Once the sales order is created, everything is setup to run flawlessly. But why does automation need to start there, what if your orders could become Sales Orders in NetSuite without any data entry? NetSuite EDI integration can make it happen. No data entry. No portal downloads. No need to go outside your NetSuite system to retrieve orders.

NetSuite automation still needs EDI

Retailers and other buying organizations use EDI as the de facto standard for placing the majority of their orders. They expect their suppliers to be EDI-capable. Vendors can circumvent EDI requirements for a while by continually accessing vendor portals to download orders and keying the information into a Sales Order. This process is quite cumbersome, is prone to errors, may lead to missed orders and more. Thousands of businesses have chosen an easier path, automating their EDI with integration to NetSuite.

Why do businesses choose EDI integration for NetSuite:

  • It’s fast — Checking for orders and entering them into NetSuite takes time, does your staff have extra time?
  • It’s simple — Do you want to see all your orders in NetSuite? Or do you prefer multiple portals, logins and processes? One system is always easier.
  • It’s accurate — No one enters data accurately all the time, how many errors are you and your customers okay with?
  • It’s scalable — When staff work remotely, can they access everything they need? How about during your peak seasons?

Take advantage of all that NetSuite offers

In choosing NetSuite (or considering it), you saw the added benefits of an ERP system that manages more than orders and invoices. NetSuite’s automation empowers your business to do so much more. By integrating EDI with NetSuite, you’ll fully support complex business strategies within the single system, without missing a beat. Whether it’s dropshipping, custom orders, and carrier selection/rate shopping, these processes require automation that NetSuite and EDI solutions can deliver to your order-to-cash process.

EDI integration also helps optimize staffing. Suppliers often find that one or more staff members can be reallocated by simply using NetSuite EDI integration, transitioning from manually entering orders to more valuable tasks. With today’s tight staffing, automation is helping companies to maximize the time and talents of every staff member by cutting manual processes.

Full-service EDI means no hassles for you

There are many options for deploying EDI for NetSuite. As you consider various solutions, be sure to ask a few key questions to decide if you need a DIY or full-service solution.

  • Do they know my trading partners’ requirements?
    Full-service providers employ a department of professionals to partner with retailers. They know their requirements inside and out and update their solution on your behalf to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Can they quickly connect me to a new retailer or distributor?
    Speed is critical when working with a new customer. Ask how long it takes to onboard with a new retailer, so you know if it takes days, weeks or months? And, what is your role in the process? Full-service providers will do it all for you.
  • Who does the troubleshooting?
    When an order or shipment notice has an error, do you want to dig in to see why and correct it? Full-service providers do this work on your behalf, as well as provide you the tools to fix it yourself if you prefer.
  • Who is watching over the data flow?
    Monitoring the network and the EDI data flowing between you and your partners is critical. Ask if a solution provider will proactively watch your EDI data flow 365 days/year to be sure it’s running smoothing. And, if there is an issue, are you simply alerted to the issue, or do they resolve it for you?

If you are just starting out on NetSuite EDI, full-service providers offer the technology, trading partner knowledge and EDI expertise to keep it running smoothly on your behalf. They have hundreds of in-house experts to serve you, and it’s all they do.

Want to learn more about NetSuite EDI integration and full-service EDI from SPS Commerce? Watch our 3-minute video today.

About Guest Author from SPS Commerce

Emily-Curran-Senior-Product-Manager-SPS-CommerceEmily Curran, Senior Product Manager

Emily is a product manager at SPS Commerce specializing in creating efficiencies for our Oracle + NetSuite customers. Her understanding of the demand for increased supply chain optimization, intimate knowledge of our customers’ business problems, and close partner alignment with Oracle + NetSuite ensures our product roadmap adds the most value for our customers.