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NetSuite Assessment | 4 reasons you might need it

A NetSuite assessment can help identify and troubleshoot problem areas, reveal underlying optimization opportunities, help validate previous work, and much more. NetSuite was designed to be the metaphorical ‘center of your universe’ from an operations and business process perspective, but it can also dynamically integrate with other systems and applications. In this blog, [...]

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4 Best Practices for the Month-end Close on NetSuite

(This blog is authored by Thomas Grigely and John Siegel from FloQast, a SuiteCentric partner.) Accountants have differing opinions on a wide variety of issues, but the month-end close isn’t one of them. 82 percent of accountants describe the close as a negative experience. This number is staggering — [...]

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[That’s a wrap!] SuiteWorld 2019: SuiteCentric’s Thoughts

[UPDATED: 4/5/19] That’s all folks! SuiteWorld19 is complete, and the dust is beginning to settle. In this update to our previous blog, we wanted to provide a high-level recap and review our earlier predictions. We have also embedded videos of the two keynote presentations at the end. This year featured a heavy focus [...]

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