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SuiteCentric Partner Spotlight Series: Klarna

This installment of the SuiteCentric Partner Spotlight series features Catherine Ortiz, Partner Manager at Klarna. Catherine briefly discusses her professional interests, Klarna's 'smoooth' extension for NetSuite, her celebrity doppelganger, and more. Please reach out if there are any questions for Catherine or the Klarna extension for NetSuite. We have a long list of trusted strategic [...]

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The Convergence of ERP and Commerce: Q&A with SuiteCentric CEO & Founder

Companies vying for a bigger piece of that ecommerce pie need robust, unified technology systems that effectively streamline their operations and scale up as needed. Without a central ecommerce strategy, for example, companies can quickly fall behind the curve in a world where speed-to-market, fast delivery times, and good customer service are table [...]

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Coronavirus and Ecommerce: Why It’s A Great Time to Invest

The current circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic may seem bleak, but this can also provide tremendous opportunities for companies to make positive changes to their business. One area most companies should consider exploring is ecommerce. If ecommerce is already part of your business, then you should consider doubling down on your investment. This blog [...]

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Magento vs SuiteCommerce: Why SuiteCommerce Delivers Better ROI

If you have Magento and NetSuite ERP, this blog post is for you. It is also written for anyone with Magento who is considering a new ecommerce solution or ERP system. These projects have serious financial implications and require considerable time and energy commitments from your team. Magento is an ecommerce solution used [...]

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