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About SuiteCentric

As one of the first US-based NetSuite professional services agencies focusing on the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform, our team has a track record of delivering sustainable and high performing SuiteCommerce Advanced web sites.

We are a NetSuite Commerce Agency Partner and are certified by NetSuite in SuiteCommerce Advanced and the SuiteCloud development platform.


With over 12 years of hands-on and management NetSuite experience, Adam is a creative and well-rounded technical leader with a unique blend of engineering, functional and architectural perspective and expertise. Adam’s solid foundation of NetSuite experience was initially built on 5+ years engineering robust SuiteCloud automations, custom portals and applications, as well as SuiteTalk web services integrations and complex data migrations. As a thoughtful and determined problem-solver, Adam delivers the extra drive and vision that ensures solutions maximize client benefits.

Adam has also been a NetSuite customer, serving as lead developer/architect for a highly customized and complex SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation that required a variety of integrations, SSO, and API’s.

Based in San Diego, CA, Adam is an avid hiker and frequently attends spin and yoga classes in order to keep up with his three kids.  Adam was also an international wedding photographer having photographed over 200 weddings spread between the US, Latin America, and Europe.


With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, including 12 years as a leader, Sean offers a 360° view of how to leverage technology. Sean’s unique experience and career paths include; Web & SQL Development, Solution Architect for Microsoft CRM and ERP Dynamics, Director of Application Development, Director of Network Engineering and VP of Information Technology. With having over 4 years experience directly with NetSuite ERP and SCA, we are excited to have Sean join the team as our Chief Operating Officer. Sean has a passion for application integration and has been working in the e-commerce industry for over 14 years of his career.

Sean, like Adam, has also been a NetSuite customer, serving as Director of Application Development for a highly customized and complex SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation that required a variety of integrations, SSO, and API’s.

Living in Carlsbad, CA, Sean enjoys spending time with his wife and his two young boys. Sean also enjoys golf, fishing and using his giant 900-lb barrel smoker to cook BBQ.


Krystal brings her 12+ years of leadership in sales experience to her role as Director of Sales for SuiteCentric. During this time, she has realized that what contributed most to her success was (and continues to be) her ability to share her passion and enjoyment for what she does with people she speaks with. She has worked in a variety of industries, from communications and software, to art and media, and this broad background has given her the ability to listen to her clients to better understand their needs.

Throughout her career, she has valued the importance of building trust that has led to a high volume of repeat business. The importance of building strong relationships with her clients comes from her natural ability to be a good listener and to deliver on her commitments. As a sales leader in the organizations she has worked for, she was responsible for guiding her sales team, leading overall to increased revenue for these companies.

When Krystal isn’t working, you will find her unable to sit still (her significant other Scott would nod in agreement). She enjoys both watching and playing sports, traveling to new destinations (both national and international), a new restaurant or an old favorite, and a good glass of wine. She most enjoys any time with friends and family when laughter is involved.


Joe’s passion for business began in financial accounting where he worked with businesses to prepare and analyze their financial data into meaningful information to make informed business decisions. Over the past 4+ years Joe has focused his accounting expertise and business process knowledge to deliver NetSuite ERP implementations to a wide variety of industries and organization sizes. He has an extensive NetSuite functional consulting and solution architect background ranging from implementation of key modules, data migration, solution architecture, custom solution design, and integration. Joe strives to provide each of his NetSuite clients the operational efficiencies needed to grow their business.

Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from George Mason University and has the following certificates: California CPA (active), NetSuite SuiteFoundations, NetSuite ERP Consultant, NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management. Joe lives in Carlsbad, CA and enjoys spending his free time at the beach either walking on the sand or surfing.


Real estate investment analyst turned web developer, Colin is motivated by an enjoyment of acquiring new knowledge and a passion for understanding how things work. His analytical problem-solving skills have enabled Colin to develop engaging user experiences for e-commerce websites. With interests in both front and backend development, he is a well-balanced full-stack developer and he enjoys working with SuiteCommerce Advanced as well as building on his NetSuite knowledge.

When Colin is not at work, he enjoys surfing, playing with his Australian Shepherd and traveling with his wife Casey.


For over 7 years, Caleb has been writing HTML5 websites/applications for school, for work, and for fun. He built his first e-commerce website in high school for a class-run business part of the Virtual Enterprise program. The site won first place in the advanced website division at the program’s statewide trade show.

Caleb sees web development as an expression of creativity and an opportunity to enhance people’s lives. He is particularly fond of building tools to automate complex and inefficient tasks. With a computer science degree and over 40 personal projects under his belt, Caleb has developed a strong understanding of code organization and interface design to that end.

Apart from development, Caleb enjoys spending time with family, trampolining to stay energized, and being a pizza connoisseur. He can also be found quoting his favorite movies, from Groundhog Day to Princess Bride.


From dial-up to DSL, Keaton has always been fascinated by the internet. Propelled by intrigue, and a four-year background in digital media production, he is now utilizing his creative nature as a web developer. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Keaton is continuing his education and takes pride in his craft.

As a NetSuite developer Keaton has taken interest in SuiteCommerce Advanced, focusing his attention on site integration and customization. Keaton has the fundamental knowledge to develop a great user experience and implement functionality according to client needs.

When Keaton is not coding he likes to be outdoors with his wife, Cassie. He is also a sports enthusiast, GO Broncos! “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -Henry David Thoreau


For the past 5 years, Matt has been working with front-end web technologies. He found a new passion when switching from Chemist to programmer. He leverages his experience in manufacturing, wholesale, government and retail to help provide a unique perspective for finding quality business software solutions.

Since becoming focused on NetSuite development, Matt has focused on SuiteCommerce Advanced customizations and back-end integrations to transform complex businesses processes into lean, single-point systems on the NetSuite platform.

While not working, Matt is either training his two dogs or napping. Mostly napping.


Lindsey was a seasoned sales professional with 6+ years of experience under her belt until a former boss took note of her people-centric nature. She took this advice and quickly advanced into a new found passion for talent acquisition and human resources. With a proven track record of effective and efficient hiring, she has been able to strategize through hiring challenges and help organizations significantly grow in size in a short period of time. She has found that helping candidates and employees find the right career path drives her to succeed.

Lindsey continued her education through UC Berkeley’s Extension Program in Human Resources Management, to become a better asset to the SuiteCentric team.

In her spare time, Lindsey loves to attend various concerts and music festivals with her husband and friends. She and her husband enjoy spending time having a nice glass of wine or playing with their corgi, Ollie!


Kira first became interested in programming when she built a “Simon”-type game in C++ while attending UCSD. She has always enjoyed learning, building, and creating, whether it was teaching herself to repair Nintendo NES consoles, working on a classic Ford, or refinish a dining room table. She did not immediately pursue a career in technology after college, instead taking time to drive across the US twice, work in the legal field, and start her own online furniture business. It was after her own venture into e-commerce that she returned to technology and began to learn the SuiteCommerce platform, discovering its flexibility and range of capabilities for taking a business to the next level.

Kira really enjoys getting to know our clients and loves developing solutions for their concerns. She helps our clients feel confident in knowing their business needs can be met, as well as their expectations surpassed.

When she’s not in front of a screen and keyboard, she’s working on puzzles with her family, playing darts or riding on the back of a motorcycle.


Zhenzhe Hu is no stranger to web development, having spent years as a front end developer. She studied Electrical Engineering in college, and got her first job at Honeywell. However, deep down her mind, she knew that she liked programming more than anything else. In 2015, she received her Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. She worked for GE Digital and CA Technologies as a web developer and her work experience has given her a solid background. Creating the best user friendly web applications is her forever goal.


Antonio realized his passion for languages after spending time abroad. He taught english to elementary students in Seoul, and outside of the classroom, he immersed himself in the country’s vibrant culture. Development was a perfect conduit to continue that passion for language. Antonio has worked at both start-ups and publically-traded companies, and he brings software experience in the web and mobile spaces.

At each stop, functionality and user experience were core to development, and SuiteCommerce Advanced abides by those tenets. He is excited to continue finding solutions and presenting those solutions in a clear and exciting way.

Outside of work, Antonio loves to both play and watch basketball. Go Hoos!


Fabio is a Full Stack Developer who can draw from almost a decade of experience with legacy computing at the start of his working career, programming mainframes with punched cards. After realizing his childhood dream of becoming a helicopter pilot and flying Air Ambulance for 20 years, he has recently updated his programming skills and is continuously learning to improve them; however, his prior experience makes him a great troubleshooter and strategist.

He is fortunate to have been exposed to several different industries and able to draw from that experience; he strives to always have a plan, prioritize and communicate any issue and translate it to the non-technical person.

In his free time, Fabio enjoys bicycling, rock climbing and target archery. He is also a good cook and invitations to his dinners are highly sought after.


Nick is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with a love of writing and a deep appreciation for business, technology and history. He started at public relations agencies/firms working for a wide variety of clients but he always gravitated toward technology companies. In 2015, Nick left ‘agency life’ for an in-house marketing role at a tech company that provided location-based services. Now he serves as SuiteCentric’s Digital Marketing Coordinator helping drive brand awareness, generate leads and support sales revenue goals.

Throughout his career, Nick has assisted with developing and executing comprehensive marketing, public relations and social media campaigns to help businesses increase exposure, drive additional sales, reach new markets and more. He has extensive experience with company branding and messaging for print, online, broadcast and social channels.

Nick has an M.S. in Management & Public Relations from the University of Maryland University College along with two bachelor’s degrees in communications and history from the University of Maryland at College Park. Go Terps! He lives in Carlsbad, CA with his wife Dahlia and their two dogs Grizz and DeeDee. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Nick out with Dahlia walking their dogs, camping, at the beach or watching rugby.


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